Responsible action

The production of our high-quality plastic components requires the use of valuable resources. We see it as our duty to take care of our environment. That is why we've designed our development and production process to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Commissioning of the largest private photovoltaic plant in the canton of Glarus

We are pleased to announce that on 21.06.2023 our newly installed photovoltaic plant with an impressive installed capacity of 845 kWp and an expected annual generated energy of 0.8 GWh was put into operation. This PV plant is the largest in the entire canton of Glarus after the alpine Muttsee solar plant and represents an important step towards sustainable energy supply.

photovoltaic plant

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our landlord, Kiener Properties AG, as well as the participating companies convoltas AG, Burkhardt Gebäudehülle AG, Technische Betriebe Glarus Süd and tbf-marti AG, for their support and cooperation in the realization of this project. Without their expertise, commitment and dedication, the realization of such an impressive installation would not have been possible.

Efficient use of energy

In order to ensure a first-class injection molding process, the use of air conditioning and cooling systems is indispensable. The closed cooling circuit is cooled by groundwater and waste heat from production is fed into the heating system through heat recovery. Our highly modern production facilities, built with state-of-the-art construction engineering and new machinery, also reduce the amount of heating oil and electricity we consume.

Ecological processes along the value chain

We have aligned everything we do along the entire value chain to address environmental concerns. Whenever possible, our development processes focus on using renewable raw materials. Optimized processes and state-of-the-art machinery also guarantee the efficient use of materials. We also operate an integrated disposal concept for sustainable waste reduction and reuse all packaging materials several times. Our customers also benefit from this efficient and resource-saving production through cost savings.