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Rapid technical progress comes with shorter product cycles and constant growth in the demands on plastic components. Opportunities and risks are closely intertwined. Knowing the importance of combining innovative energy with high levels of specialized technical expertise, the development department at Kunststoff Schwanden AG meets these challenges.

Bundled competence

Bundled competence

We see ourselves as customer-oriented problem solvers delivering individual automotive, industry and packaging solutions. 
The creative, young team at Kunststoff Schwanden AG is constantly on the lookout for tomorrow's trends. Improving products till they are perfect! That's the goal at Kunststoff Schwanden AG.
The continued evolution of injection molding to Smart Plastics technology is our response to the increasing digitalization of society.

The direct integration of electronic functionalities into components of various kinds is at the core of Smart Plastics technology. Smart Plastics technology is already being used in the automotive and household appliance industries and will play an increasingly important role in the future.
Intuitive operation is increasingly replacing mechanical operation. The direct touch operation of sensor fields will be sufficient to activate the component. The number of components can be significantly reduced with Smart Plastics technology.

The automotive industry, in particular, has very high standards when it comes to the weight, functionality and safety of assembly functions in individual plastic components. 
Regardless of current market conditions, we are convinced that electric mobility is gaining ground. This will present new challenges, for example, for fuel filling and charging systems. We are thinking about the automated refueling in the future. New opening concepts for fuel filling and charging points will be needed. One possible solution offered by Kunststoff Schwanden AG is a charging system that opens vertically with an electrical mechanism.

Innovative capacity for complex customer solutions

Many of our innovative ideas are already proving their functionality in daily use. We are pleased to present you some of our current projects. Such as the project Aerodynamics: saving energy with the patented air mass control system by Kunststoff Schwanden AG.

Innovation requires dialog

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