Kunststoff Spritzguss: Engineering and Manufacturing

As an innovative development partner and leading specialist in plastics solutions, Kunststoff Schwanden AG provides reliable expertise to its customers. In so doing, optimal processes and the latest technologies lead to high-quality injection molding systems and intelligent industrial solutions.

Plastics: flexible and sustainable for the future

Thanks to the fact that plastics are lightweight, easily replicated, and offer an unlimited number of design options, they are becoming increasingly important in a wide range of applications, especially in the automotive, packaging, and industry sectors. We’ve recognized this and offer customers around the world complete solutions made of plastic that are as individual and innovative as they are. We use precise high-tech injection molding machines to guarantee fully automated precision production of high-quality plastic injection molded parts and sub-assemblies.

Our competent and motivated employees provide end-to-end support from development and prototyping to mass production. This not only saves time, but also reduces your costs and ensures high-quality production and just-in-time delivery.

Expanding from Switzerland into the world

Together with our majority shareholder Bregal Unternehmerkapital, Kunststoff Schwanden AG is expanding internationally. In the next few years, additional production facilities will be opened even closer to customers and their needs. The heart of the company will remain in Switzerland at its headquarters in Schwanden, Canton of Glarus. As a customer, you will continue to benefit from Swiss innovation, precision and reliability worldwide.

Efficiency and personality

In order to meet our customers' high demands, we see ourselves as your partner along the entire value chain. Therefore, competent and proactive customer care is one of our priorities. Our employees combine innovative ideas with proven expertise to generate the best solutions. Safety at work is a top priority. Modern and safe working equipment and topic-related training are a matter of course for us.

Image movie: perfect injection molding technology