We think further

Developing innovative plastic solutions requires technical expertise and material knowledge combined with creative ideas, extraordinary problem-solving methods, and flexibility. By involving Kunststoff Schwanden AG as a development partner at an early stage, our customers gain competitive advantages throughout the entire product development process.

Innovative development competence

Each development project starts with us sitting down with the customer to analyze the situation and juxtapose the experiences and innovative ideas of our engineers with the customer's specific requirements. Our engineers then develop the best solution for efficient industrial production and discuss them with the customer. In so doing, we are already working on cost-efficient procurement options at this early stage in the project and begin planning the assembly process. We also need to make initial decisions on packaging and logistics. Our customers especially benefit from our high-bay warehouse and our ability to offer just-in-time delivery. This allows us to implement complex projects with efficiency, always with an eye to creating added value for our customers. 

After we've detailed the current situation with you, we step back and create a comprehensive concept as the basis for the CAD design. This data is used for prototypes that can be quickly used as functional models. If the prototypes function perfectly, the data is then used for tool making. We then use the tool to run a pilot test before mass production gets underway. And, of course, our engineers and technicians always perform extensive quality checks throughout the entire process.

Innovative Entwicklungskompetenz

New charging system

Kunststoff Schwanden AG has achieved a concept for the future with a charging system that opens vertically with an electrical mechanism.


We are Kunststoff Schwanden

"Developing future-oriented products and technologies and  bringing innovations to market - that is what the (pre-) development at Kunststoff Schwanden stands for."

We are Kunststoff Schwanden